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Good Article

How to Create a Good Article
By Andrew Stark

Here's some simple advice that will help you write better articles...
A Good Intro
Be up front and tell people what they are going to learn in the first paragraph. Time is short on the internet and people want the information now rather than having to wade through pages of filler.
Don't Keyword stuff
If you're doing your research and using Google alerts for your keywords you will soon find that most of the articles you find are total rubbish. Hint - cheap article writers are cheap for a reason!
The same is also true for many article spinners, the only part of this business that should be automated is the submission, it really is dull and really is just copy & paste. :-)
Be Positive
I know that bad news travels faster than good, but when did bad news ever make you take out your wallet?
The whole point of writing articles is to drive traffic to your website and get people to join your list, buy your product, or take some sort of positive action. If your article gives actionable advice that helps people they will want to find out more about you and click the resource link at the bottom as a very warm prospect.
Good Formatting
Long pages of text with no breaks in the formatting make for dull reading and can turn the reader off faster than a page of flashing banner adverts. Make use of sub headings and write in short paragraphs and keep sentences short and snappy to drive the reader to the end of the article.
The Strong Call To Action
As you get towards the end of the article be sure that you have written everything that you set out to achieve in the title and that all important first paragraph.
Then lastly it's the all important resource box...
My advice here is to create a swipe file based on the best article writers in your niche and use that to drive hyper targeted traffic back to your website.
Andrew Stark is a successful E-Mail Marketer and has built a list of thousands using free traffic. Andrew has been marketing online since 2002 and he knows what it takes to make money and succeed online. Stop by his Web site and subscribe to his newsletter for E-Mail Marketing tips that can help YOU! Go to

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